aldes-hts PRHTS Texas, the Texas partner of the largest independent commercial HVAC manufacturers’ representative in North America, announced today that the company is expanding its partnership with American ALDES to include the central and southeast Texas markets of Austin, San Antonio and Houston. American ALDES manufactures ventilation products and systems for commercial applications.

After HTS Texas demonstrated success representing the products in north Texas markets, American ALDES saw an opportunity to take advantage of HTS Texas’ presence across the state.

“American ALDES has worked with HTS in the Dallas area for the past year and have found HTS to be professional and aggressive in securing specifications for our air exchangers and precise air control products,” said Tom Heidel, National Distribution Sales Manager at American ALDES. “We are confident that the expanded partnership will be successful and result in significant growth for both companies.”

For over 30 years, American ALDES has been an industry leader in providing indoor air quality solutions. American ALDES products, which include airflow and zone controls, make-up air solutions and energy recovery ventilators, are designed for superior airflow control, energy-efficient performance, and a healthy indoor environment. With HTS Texas’ dedicated airside products group and mechanical sales teams, this partnership will benefit building owners across all vertical markets.

“Together [American ALDES and HTS Texas] will provide developers and building owners with the most innovative, precise, affordable and energy-efficient air solutions in the marketplace that have a real return on investment,” said Heidel.

HTS Texas always looks to improve and build upon its suite of HVAC solutions. The addition of American ALDES has already contributed to increased won projects in north Texas.

“Our teams are able to bring a competitive option to the table with the flexibility and pricing of the American ALDES products, which is leading to projects won in new markets,” said Stephen Poles, Dallas Area Sales Manager for HTS Texas. “Plus, with our customer-service oriented airside products group, HTS Texas is able to properly market and sell all of American ALDES’ lines to engineers, contractors and building owners.”

About HTS
HTS is the largest independent commercial HVAC manufacturers’ representative in North America. The company represents more than 100 HVAC suppliers and has close to 600 employees in 16 cities across Canada and the United States. Delivering Real Success® to all involved in its projects, HTS provides HVAC and refrigeration solutions to commercial, institutional, residential and industrial markets that represent leading manufacturers such as Daikin, Danfoss, AcoustiFLO, and Haakon Industries. For more information about HTS Texas, visit or connect via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About American ALDES
American ALDES is the premier manufacturer of ventilation products and systems for homes, multi-family dwellings, hotels, schools and numerous other commercial applications. Products are designed for superior airflow control, energy-efficient performance, and a healthy indoor environment.

American ALDES is a based in Florida and is a subsidiary of the ALDES Group, an international, family-owned group of more than 1,300 employees and 17 subsidiaries in 13 countries.

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Strict budgets and unoccupied buildings usually lead to school districts shutting down their HVAC systems during summer break. While this practice can save dollars, starting up idle equipment can lead to a host of problems. Think mold, grime, mechanical issues, poor ventilation, odors and more.

Let the HTS Parts Department be step 1 in your disaster plan. We’ve got everything you need to get those units running like new before the school year starts.


Combat mold, grime and dirt

hydro-beforeThe increased humidity during the summer (we’re looking at you Houston) coupled with a stagnant indoor climate can cause some serious mold growth within equipment. Not to mention, coils and filters gather dirt, dust and grime while sitting dormant.

Starting up a system without first inspecting your air handlers and cooling towers can be detrimental to your air quality. Pushing air through moldy coils and dirty filters leads to mustiness, bad odors and an unclean environment for your occupants. Students and teachers could start to experience allergy-like symptoms and spaces like gyms and locker rooms become even more susceptible to bacterial growth.

At our HTS parts stores, we carry plenty of filters and Hydrobalance, a line of high-quality coil cleaners for both condenser and evaporator coils. Not only will performing these steps ensure increased air quality, it can also increase the efficiency of your system.


Moving parts

Just like leaving your car untouched in your driveway, leaving your HVAC system idle for too long can cause mechanical problems – namely with your belts and motors.

Motors are moving parts that are meant to, well, move. Idleness leads to a lack of lubrication of bearings and can cause jerky start-up and additional maintenance. Again, like your car, running them for a while will most likely get them back up to peak efficiencies, but expect a delay and don’t forget to follow your IOM for proper start-up. If you do experience a motor failure, our parts stores keep premium Baldor motors in stock so a quick trip is all you need in a time when convenience matters most.

Belt drives should be thoroughly inspected for wear, damage, tension and rubbing. We’ve compiled apreventative maintenance checklist from Gates belts (also in stock at your local parts store) so you can avoid a bigger problem down the road.


Don’t forget about your GRDs

krueger-groupAirside products don’t always take center stage when it comes to HVAC equipment, but cleaning your grilles and registers, especially being subject to mold as we touched on earlier, should be an important step in your start-up process.

To rid your GRD’s of built-up dirt, you want an odorless solution that won’t damage the finish or metal (you guessed it – available at our parts stores). You may also consider inspecting the fan and motor assemblies on any fan boxes in your system to make sure they are free of dust and grime as well. This article from one of our local airside product experts lends advice on proper airside maintenance.


Don’t miss ship dates

With summer coming to an end, we know you’ve got jobs that need to get wrapped up. With our access to Daikin and Danfoss stock, you can count on us to give you accurate lead times.

Did your supplier miss a ship date? Still waiting on that VFD? Call your local HTS office and get the situation under control.

Air Handling Unit Ship Times*

  • Daikin Vision and Skyline
    • 5-7 weeks
    • Quickship: 20 working days
  • Daikin Destiny
    • 6-8 weeks
    • Quickship: 3-4 weeks

*All AHUs add 4 days for transit; premiums apply to quickship orders

VFD Ship Times

  • Standard Production Danfoss VFDs
    • 2-3 weeks (some instances 1-2 weeks)
  • Stock Danfoss VFDs
    • Emergency program that can ship the same day if ordered before 2 pm CST*
  • All VFDs may be shipped ground (4 days), 3 day select, 2nd day air or next day air depending on time order is placed
*Premiums apply to stock VFD orders

Meet the team

With so many stores across Texas, we thought you’d like to meet the people behind the parts. This month we’re visiting our Austin store. Read about Kelley, John and Stan below and say hello the next time you stop in!

Stan Davis

Stan is a 24 year veteran in the HVAC industry, Starting as a service dispatcher, he worked his way through service sales, light commercial and residential Sales Manager, Territory manager, the list goes on.

Stan has been in San Antonio since 1997 mainly working on the distribution side of the business until joining HTS in 2012. He now manages the central Texas parts departments, including our Austin and San Antonio stores. With him, he brought a desire to learn, a will to win, and most importantly, the drive to take care of anything the customer may want, or need. His experiences from being on the service and distribution sides of the business push him to do it better than any competitors.

“Our Central Texas parts and aftermarket team strive on a daily basis to provide answers in a fast, and most importantly an accurate manner. We are one team, pushing daily to accomplish both personal and professional goals, exceeding the customers’ expectations in every way. We always respect the trust and faith placed in us by our customers,” says Stan.


Kelley Barrett

I am Texas born and bred – I was born in Houston, and raised in Pasadena. I went to HVAC/R Tech school in Houston and upon graduation of A/C tech school I moved to Austin.

From there, I started a new career in HVAC as a tech in the field. After spending 10 years doing service work, I left the HVAC industry to work at AT&T as a U-Verse tech for 4 years. I loved the work , but didn’t care for the long hours. It just wasn’t the right fit for me.

So, I found my way back into HVAC at Gemaire Distribution as a counter salesman. After being moved around from Temple to Killeen, I decided I wanted something a little closer to home. I applied at HTS and the rest is history!

At home, I have a wife and 2 kids, and I enjoy fishing and farming as a refuge from the busy Austin city lifestyle.


John Lopez

Well here it is in a short story. I was born in Houston and grew up in the Fort Bend County area of Sugar Land. My career in the air conditioning business began roughly in the late eighties, starting in the A/C wholesale business with companies such as Johnson Supply and Westbrook Distributing in the Houston area.

As time went on, I was searching for a job in the commercial side of the business. I was fortunate to have a few close friends that worked with Trane, where I was given the opportunity with service department as a service coordinator. Towards the end of my career with Trane, I transferred to work in the parts department.

I moved from Trane and went to TD Industries for a couple years until I left the industry. In early 2000, I took a 15 year hiatus from HVAC to explore a different career path. I have since then returned back to my roots in the industry that started my young career back in the late eighties. It has been great to get back to something that I enjoyed as a job in my younger years.

HTS hired me in June 2015 to work in the parts department in Houston. By late 2015, my wife approached me with news that her job was transferring her to Austin. Wow was I was shocked with the news! I was now unsure of my future with HTS as I didn’t know if there was a possibility to relocate to Austin. I was put in touch with my future boss Stan Davis, and after we met, he gave me the opportunity to transfer to the Austin parts department.

I was very appreciative of HTS for allowing me to move and of Stan Davis’s confidence in me as an employee to second the motion on the transfer to stay with the company.

One thing to know about me: I was brought up in the old school world. I believe that when you meet someone, you look them straight in the eye with a firm hand shake and always be sincere. It really goes a long way. I will provide our customers with the best possible customer service that is within my power to take care of them – always.

My hobbies include traveling, sight-seeing and anything that has to do with the outdoors (any type of fishing, golf, etc.). I enjoy time with family and friends. Since the move from Houston, the wife and I have started to take day trip adventures to enjoy all that Austin and the surrounding towns have to offer. The move to Austin has been an life changer for us and at the same time a good thing for us.

businessman, macbook, meeting
Supplying equipment is only the first part of our job. A truck load of heat pumps won’t do any good without proper installation, start-up and overall project management.

Chris Pietrangelo, Director of Project Management at HTS NY, relays a recent success story where we were able to stay calm and provide solutions despite challenges and an impending open date.

Located at 180 Orchard Street in the Bowery section of Manhattan, one of Hotel Indigo’s newest properties opened to the public in late 2015. HTS NY provided (295) Omega Vertical Stacked Heat Pumps, (22) Daikin Water Source Heat Pumps, (2) Innovent 100% OA Water Source Heat Pumps, and (1) Valent 100% OA Water Source Heat Pump.

Zane Salvati, Project Manager, ran into numerous hurdles while attempting to start the equipment.  Troubleshooting these issues revealed that the building condenser water system was one of the major problems.  With the deadline for opening the building up to the public approaching quickly, ownership reached out to Zane and the project management team to consult on bringing the system online properly and quickly.  Extensive time was spent by the team meeting with the engineer of record to understand design intent, reviewing the system layout and installation, and helping to coordinate solutions for the problems that were discovered.  This assistance helped the owner avoid having to delay opening the building.  In this case, HTS NY’s value extended well beyond equipment supply.

Zane summed it up perfectly, “I believe our ability to go above and beyond our contractual obligations helped set the foundation of a relationship that will hopefully last for years to come.“

When is the best time to complete an HVAC renovation project? If you own/operate a school, it’s probably during summer break. However, that means keeping a strict install and start up schedule, which doesn’t leave much room for mistakes or lost shipments.

Luckily, our team at HTS takes these projects and looks at them as a way to innovate a solution where one doesn’t seem likely. Erin Schroeder, one of our burgeoning sales representatives in Houston, details a recent obstacle and how she and her team overcame it.

A consulting engineer in Houston came to HTS with a K-12 summer project.  This was in mid June and the project needed to be completed with equipment running by the  first day of the new school year.  Two air cooled chillers were up for replacement.  With the standard lead time at 10 weeks for air cooled scroll chillers, stock units were the only viable option.  Fortunately, Daikin Applied caters to the Houston chiller replacement market by stocking units with typical options for Texas including electrofin coil coatings.

Selections were made for (2) 120 ton air cooled scroll chillers and sent to the engineer.  However, once the units were re-rated at 105 ambient, overall capacity was reduced below the required load.  The simple solution would have been to move into the next chiller size, a nominal 140 ton unit.  Unfortunately, one of the stock 140 ton chillers had already been reserved by another Daikin Applied rep office.

Thinking outside the box, the HTS team suggested adding Evaporcool to the replacement chillers to increase the capacity output of the in-stock, smaller chillers.  Evaporcool is a technology which incorporates evaporative cooling into air cooled condensers, making the equipment believe it is seeing much lower ambient temperatures and therefore producing more tonnage without using additional power.

This innovative thinking allowed the owner access to the in stock equipment and kept the project on schedule.

At HTS, the ordering process is kept professional and quick to provide an enjoyable experience for you. Our team consists of knowledgeable industry insiders that will greet you in store or on the phone. Read more about how ordering with HTS is the best!

We’ve got the space – 38,000 sq. ft of it to be exact

You read that right. Across Texas, we have approximately 38,000 square feet of combined showroom and warehouse space. “Our storage space across the state allows us to utilize the stock of every branch to help customers in urgent situations,” notes Rico Mancias, Regional Parts Manager. Meaning if we don’t have your item at your local store, chances are we can have it shipped to you within 1 day.

We stock OEM and aftermarket replacement HVAC parts including everything from motors, compressors, grilles and flex duct to truck supplies, tools and gauges.

The best part? You have two easy ways to order these items. We have storefronts open M-F from 8 am – 5 pm in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, or you can give us a call at your local store and we can complete your order over the phone if you can’t make it into the store.

The HTS Advantage

What’s the difference at HTS? Our regional parts manager, Rico Mancias, sums it up pretty perfectly.

“Customers know us by name and we know them individually,” he says. “Compared to larger operations that have rotating phone banks of customers service reps, we provide a more personal feel to our customer support .”

Big store capacity with small store customer service – that’s the HTS way.

Don’t just take it from us, listen to what our customers are saying

“I have been in the HVAC market for over thirty years. As time has passed, I’ve witnessed a wonderful industry become subpar workmanship and customer service. [However,] the service I have received from your team, Rico and Josh in particular, IS BY FAR THE BEST WITHOUT A DOUBT!

I had a major issue regarding a large customer. We recently needed [the manufacturer] to fulfill multiple warranty compressors replacements. Not only did they not have the information, they also gave us a tremendously hard time getting the warranty compressor that they themselves ordered and put in. Needless to say, I had to go over their head to get any action and even that was difficult.

Rico and Josh went out of their way to help me resolve my issue! I CAN NOT TELL YOU how appreciative I am for their help! Without them we may have lost a valued customer through no fault of our own.

Really, they are the Sewell Cadillac/American Express of the HVAC commercial parts/warranty side of [this] business. It’s nice to know that there is another company out there with a values, and service like ours.”

Stacy Elston, ElstonAire Inc.

Contact us today for all your HVAC parts needs!

Meet the team

With so many stores across Texas, we thought you’d like to meet the people behind the parts. This month we’re visiting our Houston store. Read about Norm, Luis, Eric, Cory and Mike below and say hello the next time you stop in!


Norm LaPlace

I just started here at HTS 3 weeks ago as the Parts Manager in Houston and have met some extremely knowledgeable and friendly people.

I have been in the HVAC/R industry for over 25 years primarily with one mechanical contractor who covered northern Indiana and southern Michigan, (Notre Dame football area) doing service and sales and moving up to Service Manager.

I then worked as a Regional Sales Manager for Perfection-Schwank selling industrial infra-red heating equipment through reps and wholesale houses throughout Midwest, New England and Mid-Atlantic states.

My wife and I have been in Houston for about 5 years now, enjoying the things this great city has to offer, like football. This year Houston will be in the Super Bowl. I bet San Antonio wishes they had a football team – then I guess so does Dallas.

Here at HTS Parts Houston, we like to “Plan our work, then work our plan” – the number one item on our plan is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Eric Abramson

I started off my career in the military serving as a Civil Engineer where I learned HVAC and was one of the key members of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2001-2006.

After the military, I attended Westwood College for Technology and graduated with an Associates Degree in Computer Networking while working as a Parts Counter Salesman and also a Sub Contractor installing Residential A/C. Some of the Major brands and companies I’ve worked for include McQuay, Carrier, Lennox and Rheem/Ruud.

I’m originally from St. Croix U.S.V.I. – home of Tim Duncan, but of course I am a Rockets fan. GO ROCKETS!! Some of my hobbies include swimming, camping, or anything that involves having fun with my family.

What I enjoy most about working for HTS is that I can utilize my past experience and customer service skills to help customers locate the parts they need to get the job done.


Luis Muniz

I’ve been in the HVAC industry, since 2012 – and still learning. All this is new to me, coming from the beverage business.

I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience working in the logistics part for HTS. I make sure all of our equipment gets shipped, wherever it needs to go.- in a timely manner for our customers

My motto is, “If you don’t take care of the customer, someone else will.” I take that where ever I go. They’re the reason we have jobs.

And last but not least, I enjoy spending my time with my family, especially my grandson – the next Tiger Woods – I think..


Cory Feit

I am new to the industry and have been at HTS for 3 months. In the past, a partner and I purchased cars from auctions then repaired and prepared them for resale. The experience I gained diagnosing problems in that fast paced environment (kind of) falls in line with what we do in this department so it was a (semi) easy transition for me.

Sourcing parts, sales, and customer service are also responsibilities I have held in the past so I’m happy to have found a position where I can showcase my skill set. I am extremely grateful for the experience I am getting here at HTS parts and I will continue to learn as much as I can to be effective and successful.

Ideal way to spend a day off work: go sailing on my pops’ boat then head to the Kemah Boardwalk for some drinks!

Fun fact: I am fluent in Spanish.


Mike Clarke

I have been in distribution/parts for most of my career. My favorite part about this job is the relationships I have built with customers.

I grew up a Houstonian and have watched the city grow into a major metropolis. I love that it’s evolved into a such a multicultural city. I really like Houston, but I can’t stand the traffic – but that’s a given. I live and die with my sports teams and enjoy spending time with my family as I have two little grandsons.


Visit or call us today!

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